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    With data that is more

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    • Relevant

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    Technology & Capability

    Hashtag IoT finds solutions and fixes problems to take your business forward. We have a range of proven components that may be adapted and integrated to solve your problem.

    RF Design

    With over 50 years combined experience in the field of RF design, #IOT delivers cutting RF capabilities.


    #IOT devices focus on power efficiency to extend usable lifespan and low cost solutions


    All #IOT software is developed in-house, end-to-end, from device to cloud and back.


    #IOT devices use hardware-backed encryption both on-device and in-cloud, delivering an end-to-end secure solution.

    Intrinsically Safe

    Utilizing industry standard best practices and open standards, #IOT delivers flexible yet cost-effective solutions.


    With various options for technical support our team will help ensure low-friction integration.

    We also design, build and integrate custom solutions from hardware, software, connected devices. We deliver trusted solutions and we do it fast.


    LPWAN in
    ISM Band

    We design and manufacture base stations and wireless nodes in the 868/915 MHz ISM band

    Sensor Module

    The GSM/GPS module is designed for low power battery powered use cases. It includes an accelerometer, gyroscope, button, and sensor expansion interface.

    Sensor Module

    The NB-IOT module, like the GSM module, is designed for low power use cases and includes a GPS, accelerometer/gyroscope, button, and sensor expansion interface.

    Underground Mining
    IOT Infrastructure

    We design and manufacture a leaky feeder system optimized for IOT data transport (and traditional voice transport) in undergraoung mining shafts and tunnels.


    From generec to bespoke, #IOT provides solutions for a wide range of business problems.

    Asset Monitoring

    Reduce the impact of manual inspections by automated monitoring of critical assets.

    • Temprature and humidity

    • GPS asset tracking and geofencing

    • Vibration, power consumption, operational status

    Cold Chain

    Cold chain monitoring, tracking, auditing, and reporting.

    • Monitoring and tracking of cold-storage logistics solutions

    • Temperature alarms

    • Auditing and reporting of temperature

    • Tracking of opening/closing of temperature-controlled enclosures

    Remote Access Control

    Monitoring and control of remote access.

    • Access tracking and auditing

    • Remote gate control

    • Intrusion and tamper detection

    Occupancy Analytics

    Analyse the movement of people and equipment

    • Identify hotspots and bottlenecks

    • Optimise for efficiency

    • Dynamic action with AI

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